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X-Fit Gym provides immensely beneficial services to its customers in today’s modern-day world where people are concerned regarding their fitness. The trainers are all certified by recognizable institutions. Expert professionals are employed so that customer’s fitness can be maintained. Services such as spa, yoga, dancercise, etc. can be availed by members visiting this gym centre. The prices charged by this gym centre are quite reasonable. In addition to these, the clients are served with the slots of their choice so that they can maintain their health and fitness.


The gym was operating in the offline mode so they asked us to manage their online presence. After some time, it started to realize that there is no track maintained in the number of subscribers per month. Apart from this, the owner also realized that the employees working in the gym are not making a move towards the training session at times. He came to know about this when several members complained regarding this. Moreover, no track of records was maintained regarding the workings of the company. In addition to these, the company soon realized that there is a need to track the performance of the employees. At the same time, employees also started taking leaves without informing the authorities and they disappeared.


  • With the use of the gym management software, we maintained a track for records thereby generating revenue. We kept a track of the amount of revenue being generated by the gym thereby increasing profits.
  • We also recorded the name of the trainers taking up a class.
  • We helped the gym centre by collecting all the employee data and storing them in one place thereby managing it.
  • Keep control of the employee’s access to the software.
  • We also started sending emails, push notifications, and SMS alerts to keep the clients motivated. This was done so as to retain old customers and engage audiences.
  • Creative campaigns are constructed by us so as to retain clients. Such campaigns are undertaken when there is a need to send payment notifications to customers. At the same time, such messages are also sent to keep the clients informed about the various discounts and offers.
  • We also segmented the customers so as to understand whom to send customized offers and emails.
  • With the help of automation and marketing trainers are automatically notified about upcoming schedules.


  • Management of customer’s data monthly.
  • Management of payments section to keep on generating profits.
  • Keeping a track of the attendance of trainers.
  • Controlling of the warehouse stocks.