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The hotel has earned a name among its clients of its own because of its extraordinary amenities. Customers are treated with the utmost precision and care. Every staff in the hotel is helpful. Moreover, the staff working with the hotel is rigorously trained. Most customers prefer staying at this hotel because of the behavior of the employees. In addition to these, the amenities of the hotel are luxurious and are offered at an affordable price to the customers.


The hotel conducts events that are attended by audiences from all across the globe. In some time, the authorities found out that they were unable to draw the attention of many interested audiences from all around the globe. In addition to these, the employees of the hotel didn’t maintain a proper set of records of audiences attending the event. With time, the hotel authorities realized that the operations of the hotel weren’t running successfully which led them to face a huge loss in business.


  • With the help of leave management, we can now handle the leaves of their employees.
  • We can now analyze the performance of each employee.
  • With the help of the housekeeping module, the status of a room is tracked. This helps the employees to allot the right room to the customers.
  • The housekeeping module also helps in the management of the operations and the staff so that the business doesn’t face any more losses. We have listed cleaning schedules for the staff so that the operations of the business run without any hindrances.
  • We have also started assigning tasks to the employees from beforehand so that they can continue with their daily chores and also plan their routines accordingly. The staff was also informed that they must keep on updating their completed tasks.
  • The housekeeping module also lets guests provide their feedback to the staff of the hotel. The reviews provided by the guests will help the staff serve them in a better manner.
  • With the help of the PMS system, the bookings of rooms are managed efficiently.
  • Using the hotel PMS software we have started providing customized emails as soon as they arrive and leave and also during their stay. This is done so that the customers can be kept engaged.
  • The PMS software also keeps the hotel authorities updated on every transaction taking place each day.


  • Easy to manage.
  • Flexible and user-friendly software.
  • Employees get paid on time.
  • Company increased its business.
  • Employees can now plan out their day and handle the tasks effectively.
  • As soon as the staff updates their completed task more tasks are allotted to them keeping in mind about their shift timings.