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Teleradiology Services

The services of Teleradiology are growing with the modernization of society. Teleradiology has become the need of every company due to technological advancement and awareness amongst general public. SSLTSPL is not left behind but is ahead of many big Teleradiology service providers. Our Teleradiology service will help your business reach people living in rural and far places. We have a team of experienced Teleradiologists having expertise in all types of ultrasounds, CT screenings, MRIs, clinical trials, Cardiology, etc.

Our Teleradiology Services

We do understand that working in healthcare sector requires sheer determination and hence, we work with utmost zeal. Our Teleradiology professionals deliver the decipher report to you at the earliest after having your radiology as we believe in fast delivery offers and absolute satisfaction to your customers. Some of our major Teleradiology services are as follows:

Benefits of Outsourcing Teleradiology services to us

Teleradiology service is growing all over the world slowly and steadily. By outsourcing Teleradiology services to us you can be rest assured of smooth workflow of your healthcare business. We offer round the clock support which gives access to our reports as and when required by your patients. Some of the major Teleradiology services we offer are as follows:

  • We practice duly signed insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 which ensures the safety of your patient’s crucial data.
  • We never stop our work and operate round the clock which allows our clients to have access to the reports even during the odd working hours.
  • We have employed experienced radiologists from different countries by Indian and Foreign Medical Boards.
  • Our preliminary and main reporting systems are highly customizable which will be efficient to meet the changing demands of your business and clients.
  • After preparing the reports we send them to you or to the hospital through a secured medium. We ensure that the privacy of your patients is not leaked to any third party.
  • In case of any concern you may get in touch with us any time due to our 24*7*365 availability.
  • We work with great speed and hence, ensure fast and timely delivery of your reports.
  • Our Teleradiology services are economical in comparison to our competitors as we value your invested time and money.

Teleradiology Services to us

We have designed our Teleradiology services in such a manner which will keep you ahead in the healthcare sector. Our transparent process of working, qualified and certified junior and senior radiologists makes us an ideal company for outsourcing Teleradiology services. By outsourcing your Teleradiology service to us your company will be benefitted in all the aspects you could think of.