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Native App Development

A native app is developed to be used in a specific device and its OS. It also has the ability to seek advantage from the newest technology. At the same time, it boosts the performance of the devices it works with.

Xcode is used while developing iOS apps which happen to be a graphical interface. Apple’s iOS is a closed source therefore the app needs to be built again. Swift and Objective-C is the language used to construct the app.

We at SSLTSPL make use of Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages for developing an android app. Apart from this; the use of other computer languages is also desirable.

Our expert developers are driven towards the use of react native. React native happens to be an open source construction used for the purpose of developing mobile apps.

Web Development

We help other businesses develop their websites which is inclusive of web designing and web content development.

Ruby on rails is also referred to as Rails or just ROR. Our developers make use of this open source structure for web development.

AnjularJS happens to be a structural framework for influential web apps. We at SSLTSPL makes use of HTML as the template language and its syntax can be extended to display the parts of your application clearly.

ReactJS Development happens to be a JavaScript library for the purpose of framing user-interfaces. We maintain such JavaScripts to develop a single page or a mobile application.

NodeJs Development is written in JavaScript or in various other forms like CoffeeScript, IcedCoffeeScript, etc. Companies opt for our services when they have comprehensive data in applications.

Mean Stack Development is an accumulation of technologies based on JavaScript and is used in the framing of web applications. Mean stack is also known as MongoDB or ExpressJS.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor Development is an open source which is used in the forming of web applications. Companies opt for our services because PHP helps in the display of content on the web page.

Laravel is a type of web application construction which has a revealing and a classic syntax. It simplifies the process of web development.

Python is a high level programming language which is used to make a difficult software development easy. Our Python developers are apt in dealing with such a programming language thereby simplifying the task of the clients.

With the help of cloud computing data can be stored and opted for using the internet. We help our clients with the process of cloud computing thereby lessening their burden.

CMS Development

We at SSLTSPL with the help of CMS which is also known as Content Management System helps in the management of the content to be published.

We at SSLTSPL help our clients with Wordpress Development which happens to be a CMS. The site is user-friendly with content being published at regular intervals.

In today’s modern day world filled with competition business firms requires promotion and our Magento developers are apt at it. With the help of Magento we build user-friendly e-commerce websites for the customers of our clients.

With the help of WooCommerce platform you can now give your business a new dimension. We at SSLTSPL create feature rich yet simplified versions of e-commerce websites for you.

With the help of Opencart we create user-friendly and customizable e-commerce sites for your customers to have a pleasant time shopping. A minimal cost is involved in the creation of an e-commerce website based on this platform.

Block chain has taken the world of internet by storm. We help our clients with the monitoring of their supply chain, processing of payments and transfer of money, and many others.

We at SSLTSPL create an online development store for you against a minimal fee with the usage of the platform. Moreover, it is a powerful marketing tool thereby increasing your sales.

Research Analysis

We at SSLTSPL provide extensive data research services to our clients which help them in the aggravation of business.

With the help of Internet of things we help monitor processes in the healthcare industry. Apart from this, surgical robots to fitness sensors come with the newest technologies.

It is a part of artificial intelligence and it feeds a machine one time so that it can carry out its tasks without any programming. We at SSLTSPL provide our clients with this service so that they can carry out tasks without any hindrance.

We at SSLTSPL help our clients with security surveillance, filtering of spam, automation of processes, and many others.

With the help of data science we help our clients in the detection of risks and frauds, planning of the airline route, recognition of speech, and many others.


With the help of SAP we help our clients plan the resources in their business. The ERP includes management of human resource, management of finances, etc.