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Stock Customer Relationship Management

Stock Customer Relationship Management

Are you looking forward to managing the inventory of your business? In that case, using a StockCRM will prove fruitful for you. The software helps in the track of stock clearance, lead generation, managing clients, and much more.

Why Choose us

How will our product benefit you?

Our StockCRM software has an easy user-interface. Apart from this, it helps in the creation of relationships with potential and already present customers. Customers will be served in a much more professional manner with the help of this software. Moreover, the stock of the company is evaluated to decide when to order goods.

What are the features of StockCRM software?

  • Lead management
  • Agent management
  • Client management
  • Campaign management
  • Dialer management
  • Sales order management
  • Invoice and billing management
  • Researcher management

Why should you opt for SSLTSPL?

Experts working with us in our company are immensely knowledgeable and well-trained to help you out. We also have a 24*7 presence all across the globe. Most of our clients have a name in their industry. As we have both national and international presence, therefore, you can expect quality in our products. You can also connect with us at any point of time to resolve your doubts.