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School management software

School Management Software

School management software is specially drafted to conduct admission in schools and other institutions without the use of paper. The software is a very useful tool for teachers or academicians as they need not require opening files of students over and over again. If they want any information regarding a student like their academic history, disciplinary records, and many others then they can easily log into the software and receive details. In today’s world, more and more institutions are going for this kind of software as it makes their task easy. The management of the school runs properly with the help of this software.

Why Choose us

How will our product benefit you?

3dSchool is software that has been designed by us to keep a track involved in the cost of maintaining a school. You can also carve out time tables and schedules for the day for both teachers and students within minutes. In this way, you will save a lot of unwanted costs. The software also helps in the managing and creation of report cards.

What are the features of school management software?

  • Administration of Admission
  • Administration of Exams
  • Administration of Fees
  • Administration of Time Table
  • Administration of Website
  • Administration of Attendance
  • Administration of Report Card
  • Payroll

Why should you opt for SSLTSPL?

Experts at SSLTSPL have immense knowledge in the field of education and they have years of industry experience. We will also assign an expert to handle your project. The expert will have rounds of discussion with you because of your project so that he can complete it within a deadline. Moreover, you can also make a call to us at any hour of the day and even during odd hours. We are available for you to 24*7. Due to our global presence, we have handled projects in almost every industry thereby making us more competent and efficient.