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Revenue Cycle Management service

Revenue cycle management services offered by SSLTSPL is the best in class as it is one stop for all the healthcare companies where they will find both periling and advanced revenue cycle management services which will take their healthcare business to next level. RCM services are very crucial in the healthcare sector as it helps in tracking and coding of various medical claims, billing and payment collection management and ensures smooth working of entire revenue generation procedures. Its obvious, that healthcare sector is at boom since it came into existence. When any business is at its highest point, tons of challenges are flooded into the business which hampers the productivity of the business.

When we talk about healthcare industry, the only challenge faced by healthcare companies is efficient management of revenue generation and all other monetary activities of the business. We have ample years of experience in providing progressive revenue cycle management services.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Services

Pre-visit Revenue Cycle Management Services

With help of our pre-visit revenue cycle management services we are able to track and manage all the payment procedures and claims of the patients. In our pre-visit Revenue cycle management services we offer:-

  • Appointment and Scheduling
  • Data entry
  • Patient Registration
  • Referral verification
  • Prior-authorization
  • Batch preparation

Post-visit Revenue services

At the time of discharging, we can trace the exact amount of claims requested by the patients while dealing with the company. Our post-visit service includes the following sub-elements:-

  • Medical coding
  • Medical audit
  • Daily log report
  • ERA and EOB Posting
  • In-depth analytics
  • Denial follow-up
  • Identify major reasons
  • Claim dispute verification

Revenue cycle support services

We also offer Revenue Cycle management support services which ensures you to cut down on operational costs while providing satisfaction to your customers.

  • Claim conversion
  • Payment Reimbursement Report generation

Benefits of our Revenue cycle services

  • SSLTSPL is an ISO certified company and all our services are in accordance with the service level agreements and non-disclosure agreement. We practice various protective measures in order to safeguard the sensitive data of your patients.
  • We have enhanced infrastructure which will facilitate smooth working of your healthcare business. By outsourcing Revenue cycle management services to us you will be able to focus on the core business.
  • We have a team of experienced medical billing professionals and revenue cycle managers who will provide their priceless expertise for the betterment of your healthcare company.
  • With our exceptional revenue cycle management service you can save up to a considerable percentage on your operating cost as our services are economical. You can utilize this saved amount in your core business which in return will improve your company productivity.
  • Our revenue cycle management services are accurate and up to the mark which will allow you to manage the entire payment systems of your business and will charm your patients at the same time.
  • We offer fast rate of delivery of your work. Due to our round the clock availability we are able to get your work done within the deadlines.
  • We have trained workforce in our team who are equally qualified and experienced. With help of our intellectual workforce we can easily scale up the operations for you, as and when demanded by your business.
  • We offer one stop solution to healthcare sectors where they get both basic and advanced revenue cycle management services at reasonably lower costs.