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Restaurant management software

Restaurant Management Software

Are you looking for software that can handle the daily chores of your restaurant? Restaurant management software is responsible for tracking down the inventory, takes care of the billing and the menu, provides efficient customer service, generates financial statements, and many others. With the help of this specialized software effective communication takes place between the billing section, waiters, and the other departments for the smooth running of the business.

Why Choose us

How will our product benefit you?

The user interface of restaurant management software is very simple. Apart from that, the software also takes care of the data security of the business thereby preventing loss. The condition of the business is analyzed from time to time thereby generating reports for you to check.

What are the features of restaurant management software?

  • Recipe and menu
  • Mobile order tracking
  • Inventory and production
  • Tip management
  • CRM and promotion
  • Pricing and wastage reports
  • Gift cards and loyalty program
  • Reservation system and many others.

Why should you opt for SSLTSPL?

Professionals working at SSLTSPL are well-trained and skilled. Before joining us, they have also worked with numerous other companies in the field of hospitality. As soon as you opt for our products and services we allot you with an expert to take care of your queries. Apart from these, you can connect with us at any point in time and even during odd hours. We have a wide range of national and international clients thereby gaining global exposure.