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The spa has earned its name and fame for its excellent services. The staffs working in this spa center are customer-centric and they are very well trained. Moreover, the prices against services are affordable. Luxurious services are offered by the spa center which includes body massage, Ayurveda massage, and many others. A customer can sit and relax in the lap of luxury.


The company opted for an offline form of marketing before it made its name in the online market. Apart from this, the list of clients for the salon was left mismanaged. The customers weren’t aware that the salon sold products along with services. Therefore, selling products offline was a curse. The authorities soon noticed that regular customers didn’t receive discounts and offers on the availability of services. In this way, the spa center soon started to lose out customers. Apart from these, the customers rarely received answers to their queries regarding some kind of service or product. In addition to these, there started to be mismanagement in the payments process as there is no software which can manage the payments.


  • With the help of our client module we keep a track of the clients visiting the salon. Apart from this, it also helps in the management of sales of products.
  • We also manage the website of our client so as to promote about them. The website is specifically arranged to make it more attractive thereby generating leads. The offers of the company are listed on the website from time to time
  • We specifically manage the enquiries coming in from the clients of our customer with the help of enquiry and feedback system. This provides a great customer satisfaction to the clients thereby increasing the profits of a business.
  • With the help of the membership module we help keep a record of the memberships, payments made by a customer, and the amount of sales. This helps in the smooth handling of the business thereby increasing profits.


  • The sales of the company increases.
  • The online presence of the company is increased.
  • Any kind of payment accepted.
  • Track of sales.
  • Track of the customers making an entry into the salon.
  • Awesome customer satisfaction.