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Organic Hindustan is a company that manufactures 100% organic products for the benefit of the consumers. In today’s modern-day world, it is impossible to purchase quality food and skin products which are 100% natural. Organic Hindustan offers goods at affordable prices to customers. Moreover, the company also takes care of the needs of the farmers.


As the company operated in the offline mode therefore it started to face an obstacle when it started spreading its motto over various social media platforms. With time, the company realized that the consumers lack time. In that case, the company will have to strengthen the supply chain so that goods reach the customers on time and at their doorstep. The authorities also realized that they must have software to maintain the list of customers. As the company has been expanding in size and volume therefore, there is a need for software. The mode of payment of the company is cash. Many customers find it difficult to pay in cash in today’s modern-day world.


  • We designed the website of our client with proper layouts and alignments so that customers are drawn towards it in no time. Marketing campaigns were created to inform the customers about the presence of the company and to also increase the client’s base. As the clients increase in number the company can drive in more profits.
  • We made a successful attempt to introduce a proper supply chain so that goods reach customers on time. When the goods are delivered to the customer within stipulated time then it tends to increase the sales of a company.
  • We also made use of software’s that handled the payments of the customers and also kept a track of the performance of the company.
  • The software was made use of to manage the clients of the company. With the help of the software, the company will get an idea regarding what offers are to be provided to retain customers who make a hefty purchase per month.


  • Goods are delivered on time.
  • Sales of the company increase.
  • The client base of the company expands with the help of the online world.
  • Customers are always kept informed about the whereabouts of the company. If the company is offering discounts on certain products then it can convey so through the various portals of the company.