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Kavi Creation is a leading fashion brand that has been catering to the needs of the woman. The fashion brand sells garments and other ladies' items at an affordable price. Ladies' products are available in different fashion and style. In today’s modern world, the brand has taken up to various online platforms to reach out to audiences spread in different parts of India.


Kavi Creation has recently entered into the online world about which it hardly has any knowledge. The company has been operating in the offline mode since its inception. Over time, the authorities noticed that clients are demanding for delivery at home. Moreover, as the client base expanded it started becoming impossible for the company to manage its client’s base without any hindrance. The customers soon started facing a problem with the mode of payment. Authorities only accepted the cash mode of payment.


  • We designed their website with proper information and also made it appear attractive to customers. After this, we started running innumerable marketing campaigns on various social media platforms thereby driving in traffic and generating business.
  • We also introduced a proper supply chain for the company so that goods purchased by the customers reach them on time. Delivery of goods on time creates a positive impression of the seller.
  • The client’s base of the company was managed using software that let the company know about a customer’s purchase and other details. In this way, a track is kept of the retained customer and offers and discounts are offered to him from time to time thereby increasing sales.
  • We introduced software that handles the payment mode of the company. The clients can now pay using any mode of payment.


  • Traffic is being generated on the website.
  • Increase in sales.
  • On-time delivery of goods to customers.
  • Customers can now use any mode of payment apart from cash.
  • The name of the company spreads among the customers due to successful marketing campaigns.