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The infrastructure at SSLTSPL is ultra-modern which helps the employees produce inventive work. A technology filled working environment is required to fulfill the needs of clients from different industries. The technology is modernized thereby helping the experts keep the clients content and satisfied. We at SSLTSPL believe in securing the confidential affairs of our clients. Due to our tight security our clients are delighted to provide us with their outsourcing task. Our office is located in the industrial belt of Noida thereby making it easier for our clients to reach us. The delivery centre is situated at a strategic point which makes work easier for us.

Highly developed framework

Our offices are structured in such a manner that our employees feel at ease. We are known for using ultra modern technology while we fulfill our client’s demands. Different departments have different technologies as their needs are not same. For example, headphones are provided to experts working in the call centers. Meetings are held in the delivery centers for the discussion of various different projects. Employees gather here and they provide brainstorming ideas. Moreover, trainings are provided to employees so that they can serve the clients in a better manner. Moreover, we also allow employees to relax during work hours so that they can produce better output. At SSLTSPL, we do not make usage of papers as we have a strong network of high speed internet.

Network and Security

Security of networks is very crucial. There are measures to secure the network which are spam fillers, firewalls, etc. Due to our world-class infrastructure facility our internet connection is 100% safe and secured. With our infrastructure we can detect any kind of breach of information. For the purpose of checking security gaps we make use of three levels namely people, process, and technology. We assure security using three steps which are prevention, detection, and fast response.

100% redundancy

Our main aim is to attain overabundance in data, network, power, and internet.

Internet and power redundancy

  • Power failover
  • UPS
  • High speed internet
  • Power generators

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Why Choose us?

  • Bountiful experience in providing progressive services to global clients.
  • Highly affordable services at prices lower than other service providers in the market.
  • Fast turn-around time which ensures completion of your work within limited time frame.
  • Experienced and qualified professionals which will allow you to manage daily business tasks with ease.
  • We work within the guidelines mentioned in the SLA and NDA
  • We will assign a dedicated relationship manager for your project who will be responsible for the completion of your project.
  • Our services comes with great resilience which can be scaled up or down as per the requirement of your business needs.
  • After partnering with us get the clinical expertise of the masters in this industry.
  • Tailor-made infrastructure and the futuristic vision of our experts.
  • After partnering with us get the advantage of unique Indian time-zone

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