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Indian courier Express is a company that is known for its lightning-fast delivery. Customers opting for this company remain satisfied. The company provides services like packers and movers, delivery of documents, delivery of medicines, and many others. Prices charged by the company are affordable.


Since its inception, the company operated in offline mode. Due to the usage of an offline mode the company was unable to increase its customer base. There is a need to spread information about the company. Only offline form of marketing will not help them anymore. As time passed, the authorities realized that the mode of payment needs to be changed. Everyone can't pay in cash at all times. The supply chain management of the company is offline and therefore not managed properly.


  • • With the help of the software, we kept the supply chain of the company in place. From picking up the goods to its delivery all the processes are managed efficiently using this software. Goods are picked up and delivered at the perfect time.
  • • We also reorganized the website of the company thereby spreading the information about the company. The awareness among the audiences is much required and to do so marketing campaigns are run from time to time. Various marketing campaigns act as a tool for informing audiences about the various offers and discounts that they can avail from the company.
  • • Payment gateways are made much more secured and protected so that customers can pay using online methods.


  • Increase in sales of the company.
  • Generation of traffic for the website of the company thereby driving in business.
  • Delivery of goods on time.
  • Customers are informed about the company at all times. The online world has made it much simpler for the customers and the company.