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Apps Development

Mobile devices and smartphones are becoming popular and important. They have completely transformed the way we do business today. There has been tremendous growth in the number of Mobile and smartphone users over the last few years with users gaining more awareness and eagerness to take advantage of such devices. With the mobile technology providing easy to use apps for almost every one, there has been huge acceptance for new devices like Google Glass or smartwatches etc. There is ongoing improvement with every device version that is brought into the market. With strong and quick networking systems, good internet speed and connectivity and powerful apps available in the market these smartphones and mobile devices are gaining enormous importance.

Advantages with us:

  • Mobility Solutions that emphasizes business transformation and speed to market
  • Innovative solutions that generate entirely new business models and user experiences for all
  • Rich Mobile User experience developed over the years of implementation
  • Technical ability and infrastructure to cater to almost all types of mobile apps
  • Scale and size of products and customers
  • Upgrade apps with the changing platforms to gain maximum functionality and features
  • Huge savings of users time and money
  • App Analytics

I have been using SSLTSPL for the past 6 months. They are my only web developer for a number of reasons, yet their responsiveness, professionalism and quality of work a few that instantly come to mind. I couldn't recommend the team high enough if you are looking for a trusted long term partner.

Client reviews : SSL Technologies And Services Private Limited
Pawan Kotwal
Manager : Sabzicart

SSLTSPL has been designing and maintaining our websites since the last almost 2 years. We have been very impressed with his web designing and understanding of our requirements. He has been prompt and thorough about any changes and requests we may have had, and I think that is what really counts.

Client reviews : SSL Technologies And Services Private Limited
IT Manager : The Royal Court

SSLTSPL designed and implemented entire Customer relationship management from scratch. It was such a pleasure to work with their team! They were very responsive and great at finding solutions to problems. Will definitely use again for future work.

Client reviews : SSL Technologies And Services Private Limited
Manager : Speedways

SSLTSPL App Development Process

At SSLTSPL, we are passionate about designing and creating intuitive and user friendly apps that capture your attention and engage you for an everlasting digital experience. We believe in bringing visually appealing, fruition simple and functional apps. Our motto is to deliver divine user experience. Our products are strategically planned & designed, continuously developed and thoroughly tested to offer best in class deliverables with the functionality that you need for effective utilization and satisfaction.

App Strategy

We carry out Application Strategy visioning workshop which is focused on bringing alignment between key stakeholders and overall goals of the application, business needs and choice of technologies.


The UI/UX expectations are high for mobile apps and need strong creative designing and development capabilities to build such solutions. We have a dedicated UI / UX team with both consumer & enterprise focus.


We provide end-to-end mobile app designing, development and testing services across multiple platforms.


We perform end to end testing of the mobile apps. We carry out manual,automation and compatibility testing.


Our mobile app maintenance services across various platforms include services such as Operational Level Support, Feature extensions, performance enhancements.


We promptly assist you in successful, easy and quick upgrades of applications on newer platforms as they arrive.