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E-mail Marketing

Email marketing evolved rapidly in the 21st century. The first mass mail was sent out to 400 potential clients in the year 1978. Gary Thuerk is the man behind the mass mails who claimed that he gained a profit of $13 million due to the sale of goods. Email marketing is the process of creating a relationship with to be customers. With the help of emails you can promote your goods and services by sending details to customers or prospective customers who have left their information on your website. You can inform your customers from time to time regarding your upcoming offers and discounts. Email marketing is a part of internet marketing. Moreover, the cost of email marketing is cheaper compared to any other form of marketing. There is a guarantee that email marketing will drive in customers, thereby driving in ROI into your business.

Why Choose us

How will your business benefit using email marketing?

  • Affordable cost involved
  • Reach out to an already retained customer.
  • Messages sent to subscribers.
  • Huge revenue generation.
  • Track your conversion rates.
  • A global reach.

Why will you opt for SSLTSPL?

We at SSLTSPL have email marketing experts who have designed and executed many profitable campaigns. At the same time, we also take care that you are gaining enough publicity through your email campaigns. As soon as you opt for a service with us you will be allotted an expert who will be responsible of taking care of your project. Our expert will discuss everything with you and will also stay in touch from time to time as and when required. We understand the value of your hard-earned money; therefore, our prices are highly affordable.