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SEO Checklist for Digital Marketers


SEO Checklist for Digital Marketers : SSL Technologies And Services Private Limited

As an internet marketing enthusiast, by now you should have realized that digital marketing has several arms that work together to keep your brand on top of the world wide web. And one really important and indispensable arm is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It contributes towards making your website search-friendly and optimizing your website to increase traffic. So if you already have a fair idea about why SEO is important for business, let us talk about making the best use of this economical tool to enhance your brand’s online reach.

Let us first focus on the most important aspects-

1- Google Analytics and Webmasters Tools – The soul of SEO is tracking and monitoring the traffic to your website. So the first step is to set up your Google Analytics for basic goal and traffic reports. To monitor queries, call errors and other issues, add your website to Google Webmaster tools.

2- Sitemap– It is important to create an XML sitemap and upload it to Webmasters.

3- WordPress SEO Plugin- WordPress provides YOAST SEO plugin for websites. Upload and install it. Other SEO plugins are also available online.

4- Loading Speed- Check the page load speed of your website on the online speed test tools and use it as a benchmark after the optimization is done.

5– Audit– Conduct an audit of your website. Hubspot provides a tool called marketing grader to see where you stand before starting the SEO work. Keep the reports for future references.

So, now you know a thing or two about your website. 
SEO needs to track down three important things- 
1) Number of Unique Visitors
2) Visitor-to-lead conversion rate
3) Lead-to-customer conversion rate. 
It is very important to keep tabs on these before you design your SEO strategy.
The next step is to target the right kind of audience for which you need the right keywords. Firstly, you need to develop buyer personas on the basis of an extensive research. Find out what challenges they are facing and what solutions they need. This will lead you to the right kind of content.
You must conduct extensive keyword planning for SEO in order to target the right audience. After a buyer persona research, you must use the trial and error method with old and popular keywords and study the results. Once you know what your target audience is searching for, it is time to move to the next step.

1- Related Keyword Research– Take good help from Google. Type the popular keyword in a search box without pressing enter and you will see a suggestion about what related keywords they look for. Develop content around those keywords.

2- Use Automated Tools– You need to expand your keyword list to cater to a bigger audience so use automated tools like Google Keyword Planner.

3- Remove Irrelevant Keywords– Since choosing the right type of keywords is really important, you must not waste time and energy on irrelevant and overly competitive keywords.

Optimization is one of the most important parts of online marketing. It is a vast topic and needs to be discussed thoroughly every now and then and then replanned accordingly.

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