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Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic


Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic : SSL Technologies And Services Private Limited

The foremost objective of any business or enterprise is always to have more customers, more sales, more business and more goodwill. However, when it comes to online business, most of us are victims of increased presence, more customers, and more traffic towards our website or blog. It is, of course, the most rightful thing as well.

Do you remember the old saying from school “you only get one chance to make the first impression?”

Well, don’t ever compromise on your image. Always invest like you did on that first date of your life. Remember how upset you got because those five hairs were out of place and not in line? It is this passion which is needed to build a great presence for your enterprise.

1. That Hi-fi marketing is crucial

a) Go all out, Market yourself left and right:

You are not living in 1500BC, right? It’s the dawn of the 21st-century guys, with an ever-increasing population and hordes of hungry advertisers; it’s an innate need to shout about yourself and your product. You don’t want to be a lost in a citizenry of a billion juggling heads, do you?


Even though several factors sometimes may resist you, but go all out and create a “buzz” about your company and product. Speak, explain, describe, decorate your words, go over the board but do just about everything to put yourself “out there”! The best thing is – there are hundreds of things available today, tons of mediums to speak about your product. “Advertising” is at its best stage! So, opportunities are not deficient, you will find the best medium to suit your budget and purpose, always.

From banner advertising to SEO, social media advertising to email and SMS campaigns, you have a plethora of platforms to advertise your product! However, the below steps are essential:

Define your goals
Understand your objectives
Lay down your budget
Open up yourself to the various strategies and ways, and learn about them in detail. Plan your advertising strategy.
Select the one which best suits your objective and needs and your budget.
Finalize “best one” and go all out with it.

One very essential point to note here is never to imitate and go with what the other competitors are doing. Your product is unique and so should be your games. What is beneficial for others may not justify your product. Pick up the one which justifies your objectives, budget and keep your expectations realistic, always. Don’t fly over the moon, results take time to pick up.

2. Mind your “Content Marketing”

If we look from the content perspective, the words on your webpage really have to speak to the audience. They should invoke an interest, bring meaning and resonate like they live in your closet. When you know your target audience and whom you serve, it’s easier to say the right things that draw them in. Penetrate deep into the below points.

a)content-marketing-strategya) Combine different styles of content:
Oops, sadly you won’t get guaranteed results overnight. There’s no “abracadabra” that is available to you at your discretion. Advertising is no magic potion, right? Variety is the key. Combine and mix your content in such a way that you reach out to the ears of different kinds of people. Bringing together the right combination is the key. Use detailed, long description essays and long posts with videos and attractive infographics.

“Blog” your content for continuous readership and to reach out to people who are news savvy. The idea is – combine and your posts and vary the content and magnitude of your posts in such a way that it satisfies and invokes a “need” in distinctive minds.

b) Seductive headlines are great screamers:

Who will read your content if your headline itself is not catchy enough? Great headlines mean great readership, create a killer content for your website purely as obvious as that. If a colossal content is endorsed with a weak headline, be sure no one is going to pay any heed to it. Never allow cute, creative headlines blind you to the need for facts and accuracy. Be attentive to captions or headlines that have unintended meanings. Some marketing intelligence curated by professors has given us the below description of a stupendous headline:

Must connect to ordinary readers
Must set tone of the article
Must attract attention
Must be correct
Why do you think creative heads spend hours and days trying to put together that strong and terribly electrifying headline to pull bucks and bulls?

c) Fine-tune your SEO, set the right links in your content:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization as it stands for. It is a vital part of any article or blog content. Why do you think even the smaller enterprises spend huge bucks on some simple or complex keywords to increase the bandwidth of their businesses? It is really worth spending every penny on the SEO aspect.

3. “Market” yourself better

a) Understand the importance of Linked in:

How many times do you visit and log into your Linked in account? Once in a month? Well, then you certainly don’t understand how this professional social network is a powerful blend of intelligence and business analogs. Try posting and sharing your content and website links on your linked in page the time you hit the “go” button.

Marketing 4P, price, product, promotion and place words on blackboard

Linked in helps to connect with a prosperous, upscale and knowledgeable bank of people who could find a lot of good information in your work and visit your website to know more about you. You could help build an enriching professional relationship with these patrons who could become the best endorsers for your brand and enterprise.

b) Focus on Schema – Increase your readability:

There has been a lot of considerable thought before Schema came into being. Implementing Schema – though won’t necessarily help you increase more traffic. Schema is all about increased visibility. It is one of the best practices for search engines to find and display your content. Whether it’s Google, Yandox, Microsoft or Yahoo, using Schema will help your web pages being better understood.

c) “Internal links” are essential in your content:

Your success is not merely determined by how many sites carry a link back to your webpage, but it is highly dependent on the internal links that users find in your article. An internal link can be helpful to the readers for a more in-depth understanding of your piece and an overall better experience. It is one of those methods that can help tell Google and visitors that a particular page of content is important.

4. Go that Extra Mile
a) Host webinars:

Love attending and hosting seminars? Well, then apply the same principle for hosting webinars as well. Webinars are a great medium to talk to people, to share your knowledge and to interact on a deeper professional sphere where everyone gets to learn a lot more than they would do otherwise.

When you host webinars, make sure you send a shooting mail a day prior inviting people to register, which would only be a last chance for them to avail of the opportunity. Share a presentation with the audience post the webinar covering specific and essential base points which can be extremely beneficial for them. When you do this you have already made an impact in the minds of the audience. Always remember to promote your webinars through your Do More with Social Media for Your Business in Less Time.

Microsoft, Forrester, Upwork and The Linux Foundation have hosted webinars which became talking points in the web world. The way they promoted their webinars, held their audience throughout and made them promising loyalists is something to abide by.

b) Speak up at conferences:

Conferences do a lot of good. And chances are every week; there may be a seminar or a conference being conducted on your relevant industry. It is highly recommended, that being a prominent part of the industry you attend these events and be a speaker too.

Eat and breathe your business. Understand your market. Treat your customer like family. Hone your technology. And most importantly, market like how you would do to yourself.

As Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway had said very aptly “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

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