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Drug Keeper is a drug company that has been selling drugs since times immemorial. The company sells medicines both online and offline. It asks you to upload your prescription online. Only after seeing the prescription the medicines will be provided to the customer. More and more customers are opting for Drug Keeper thereby expanding the business.


Due to a lack of proper infrastructure which is the internet in India customers can make a purchase online. Most of the population of India lives in the rural area. The speed of the internet in rural areas is very low when compared to the cities. Apart from this, the internet has hardly spread in India when compared to developed nations like America. Cyber laws are absent in India. Security plays a vital role in the lives of customers. When a customer makes a payment online then there is no guarantee regarding the security. Apart from this, people are still of the mentality that ordering anything online would cost them more. They do not take a minute to think that they have to travel down to get their medicines and also wait in a queue for paying the bills.


  • We have encrypted the site and the payment gateways of our client’s website so that payments can be processed without any kind of fraud.
  • We have tried to make the customers aware by communicating with them and also provided them with offers and discount coupons so that they can make a purchase of medicines at a much lower rate as compared to offline mode. At the same time, we also keep on offering flat offs on occasions to the customers making a purchase every day. This, in turn, aggravates the growth of the industry.
  • We have included various modes of payments so that customers can pay using any of the modes.
  • We have also initiated to improve the supply chain of the medicine store thereby opening up ‘delivery at your doorstep’.


  • The business of the client expanded thereby generating profits.
  • The base of the consumers increased.
  • Payments are carried forward safely.
  • Payments can be done in any form thereby creating less hassle for the consumers.
  • Availing offers and discount coupons from time to time thereby reducing the cost of the customers.
  • Saving up time of the consumer as well as the store.