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CCTV Monitoring Service

CCTV is one of the major requirements of the society to monitor the activities of every individual and it acts as a precaution to the loss of your company’s important documents and sensitive information.

We are a prominent cctv monitoring service provider for commercial places, industries, and also residential properties. The cctv monitoring service from us enables your premises with 24/7 active cctv cameras which safeguards the community ardently. We have a committed team of professionals who monitors every activity both inside and outside your company premises through live monitoring systems, hence, ensuring safety and security of your people. Our remote video monitoring system helps in keeping a real-time watch on the trespassers, informing the authorities of your company in case we found any abnormal activity by any individual.

The IT experts analyzes and amends any discrepancy in our cctv monitoring service. In addition to this, if there is any security rift then our IT professionals will immediately inform your security authorities and administration about the same and will also alarm the alerts which will keep the probable infiltrators away from you and your people.

Cctv monitoring services we offer

Our inventive surveillance technology

The salient feature of our cctv monitoring system is that it is customizable and we deploy advance technology in our cctv monitoring which is for your security. When you are busy in doing your work in the office, you probably don’t know what is going around you, anything can happen at any time. Our security camera will let you know by sound alarming system in case of any emergency.

We have a protean surveillance system which can be coped with any of your software for the safety of your people. We can also use our customizable cctv monitoring system for the recognition of your staff, for the disaster management and administration of your company or business. You may also observe any suspicious activity around your company.

Our unified cctv security systems can be linked with alarming systems which will alert you immediately at the time of any unwanted person entering your premises, thereby, saving you and your people from any mishap.

The transmission capacity of our enhanced network is best suited for every kind of security camera which are already fixed at your place. The presence of our minute security system comes with a record and play element which may help you in any legitimate procedure in future. It will also be helpful in case of a break-in in your company.

Video surveillance - the procedure we follow

The video surveillance that we practice is upto the mark and lets you know about the desirable and undesirable activities around and inside your office premises. We follow the following procedure in order to provide you a flawless and reliable security :

  • Our cctv cameras will be connected to your remote control room with the help of internet where you can see the live cctv camera footages and can also record the activity happening within your premises for further investigation if need arises.
  • If any invader tries to enter your building, fire breaks down, in case of any other suspicious activity or if anybody tries to breach security then the security alarm will alert your control room.
  • The cctv footage will be directed to the monitoring screen in the control room. After hearing the security alarm the cctv operators can have a look at cctv footages with help of various cctv cameras aligned at all the important places within and outside your office premises.
  • It will be expedient for the cctv operators and security personnels to take protective measures accordingly. The salient feature in our video surveillance is that the cctv operators will have access to real-time activities in your premises and will also have access to a live audio warning in order to stop the invader from entering your place.

Effective cctv monitoring and surveillance

We have an attentive team of professionals having keen knowledge into cctv surveillance providing first-rate security to your onsite facility in a diligent manner. We use progressive technology in our cctv video surveillance system which enables live monitoring of all the activities sitting at your place. Our cctv surveillance monitors the following:

  • Banks and ATMs
  • Parking lots
  • Universities
  • Retail Stores
  • Security Agencies
  • Commercial Assets
  • Private Residencies
  • Industries
  • Construction Sites
  • Factories
  • Public Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Vacant Properties
  • Mobile Towers

Why do we offer best cctv monitoring services ?

Years of experience into providing cctv monitoring services to many big companies and industries across the globe has given us immense confidence in delivering our services and have also taught us a lot which has helped us improve our services. Below are the reasons to choose us over other cctv monitoring service providers :

Pocket Friendly CCTV Monitoring Services

We offer a fair price for our service in comparison to our competitors. Our pricing policy is ideal for every small and large scale companies who are worried about the cost involved in the operations of their business.

Skillful Professionals

We have a capable and qualified team of cctv monitoring associates who will be working with full determination to ensure the security of your people and material.

Never Ending Monitoring

We offer round the clock service for the betterment of your community. Our cctv monitoring associates will be there for monitoring the activities in your premises 24/7.

Real-Time Alerts

In case of any suspicious activity or any breach of security the sound alarms will alert the control room which will help the associates find the main cause of the alarm and will take the protective measures to deal with it immediately.

Precise Documentation

We offer the documentation of every normal and suspicious activity captured by the cctv cameras and will provide you informative and advanced reports about the same at regular intervals of time.

Modern Equipments

We employ modern technology and equipments while providing cctv monitoring service to our clients like the use of big lcd screens, IP cameras, great network transmission and connectivity.

Information Security

We are an ISO certified company and we do ensure that any sensitive information of our clients is not leaked to the third parties. Our IT team takes care that every information is being transmitted through a secured path.

Easy To Use CCTV Cameras

Our cctv cameras are flexible enough so that it can be adjusted as per your convenience and can be placed at any place of your choice. We use digital cctv cameras with advanced features.

Outsource cctv monitoring services to us

For the smooth sailing of operations, cctv camera is a must for every organization nowadays. Our cctv monitoring service provides you the full control over the activities being carried at your work place. You can watch the activities of your employees, people entering your premises and all the normal as well as abnormal actions being done by every individual with the help of our exceptional quality cctv cameras.

The video quality of cctv cameras used by us is phenomenal giving you the clarity of every person in your premises. The live and round the clock cctv monitoring alerts you about every unwanted activity hence, allowing you to act accordingly to the undesirable situations. By joining hands with us you can easily gear up against potential intruders and can save your people from casualties.

Our customizable service will allow you to have an upper hand as far as security is concerned. You can also route the live cctv footages to your home computer and mobile phones with our modular technology in your absence. We have a modernized feature of record and play. You can use the previous cctv recordings for your future use for any investigation. As a customer you may call or email us right away to equip your premises with the most effective and economical cctv surveillance system.