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Call quality monitoring support

As routine health check-up is necessary for humans similarly routine call quality check in a contact center is significant in achieving the organizational objectives.

BPO is a rapidly growing industry. Therefore, for effective call quality check, trained staff having sound knowledge of the contact center ethics is required. The trained staff will explain to you about all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain.

To provide the customers with the best service available, we assure that each call is being analyzed on the basis of certain quality parameters.

Our capable team of call quality analyst are available 24/7 to ensure that our call center associates are delivering the expected delightment to your customers as per your business requirements.

Advantages of our call monitoring service:

As we are one of the leading providers of call monitoring service, therefore, many companies have outsourced their call monitoring services to us.

Our call monitoring professionals and managers listen to the calls made and received by the call center agents prudently and guide them for the improvement of their call ethics and call etiquettes which in turn develop a sense of ownership within our call center associates. Call monitoring also gives us an outer picture of the product knowledge of our agents and if we find that any of our call center agent is not well versed with the products and service then we take them through the re-training program in order to ensure that your business is doing well.

The call data is collected, evaluated and analyzed by our call quality teams. At the end of every call we send the satisfaction score card to the customers who helps in developing our delivery services furthermore. We possess a well nourished team of call monitoring professionals who have depth knowledge of the operations of a contact center and have been esteemed call center agents in the past which will be an added advantage for your outsourced business.

Apart from call quality monitoring, we analyze the marketing conditions which further helps in the growth of your business vigorously.

We also provide training to our call center agents and call quality monitoring associates not just for the sake of training but to assure that they are replicating the quality processes and product training taught during the training program.

Are you worried about outsourcing call quality monitoring support? – SSLTSPL is at your door step

As an organization we have hands-on experience of many years into the BPO sector. We keep on modifying our call monitoring services to meet the pre-requisites of your business which will help in achieving your organizational goals more effectively. Through our high tech operating system we ensure that our clients are well informed regarding the performance of our agents and associates. We are transparent enough to our clients by giving them the exact picture of what is being done in their outsourced undertaking to us.

We have different managers for different teams who collaborate with each other on a regular basis to ensure that an universal call quality monitoring practice is being followed among all the teams. This will define a stable path towards the growth of your business. The recorded call of every agent is played during the collaborations and the feedbacks are given by all the managers present in-house.

Here we use some new technologies and software’s which helps us in sampling and analyzing each call with ease. We distribute different types of calls into different categories as it becomes feasible to have a look on different customer concerns at the end of the day. We also use safe platforms to listen to real-time calls and also assist our agents then and there if the agent is not able to handle the customer proactively.

We have deployed the best software’s into our call quality monitoring system as we know that if we do not use the premium software’s available we might miss the boat. The use of state-of-the-art software’s makes the call monitoring procedure a piece of cake not only for us but also for our clients as their business grows faster than ever.We will provide you the full authority to access every call recordings and its feedback score card. You can ask for comprehensive analytical reports on a daily basis and we would be more than happy to arrange the reports for you.We offer you with the best manpower available at a reasonable cost so that you do not have to worry as far as cost is concerned. We being the most economical BPO hub in India will be overwhelmed to serve you with the best in class service at reduced costs.

Last but not the least, our company is operating in a country which has the largest growing economy in the world where joining hands with us will definitely give a dynamic boom to your business.

If you are looking to outsource your call quality monitoring services, then we are here at your door step to serve you with our world class services at an affordable cost.